And Dare in a White Dress in The Meantime Velvet Cocktail Dress These Christmas?

(Any color) velvet and sequins are phenomenal at this time but sometimes cause a little of saturation. There is no shop in which there are no meters of woven glitter and mini black dresses, some beautiful and stylish but unoriginal in its majority. At dinner we all have this days and subsequent parties It is difficult to stand out to someone in particular because the looks, for good or bad to be, seem too.

White is also suitable for the holidays, not only for being the color that we identified all the cold landscapes but because occasionally a white look black and metallic gives great joy. If this year you want to exit a little routine and attention more looking for a dress that you feel perfect in these shades, you’ll be the few daring and also the most successful. My Favorites are those of silk and also the long sleeves and thick tissue, if you can not combine it with black stockings much better.

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