Agreement without Precedent in The Fashion Industry Low Cost to Improve Wages in Cambodia

Inditex, H & M, Primark, C & A, New Look, Next, Tchibo and N Brown Group have come together to seek an improvement to the situation of the factories in Cambodia. An unprecedented agreement within the industry of the low cost. The companies have sent a letter to the Deputy Prime Minister of the country, Keat Chhon, through which seek a living wage for workers at the time who are committed to pay more for each manufactured item.

The eight companies have also sent a letter to the President Association of manufacturers of garments of clothing (GMAC) with the same message. Looking for the “payment of a living wage,” and also ask that there is greater collaboration with trade unions in the workplace.

The minimum wage is $100 a month and want to upload it to 177 dollars

According to sources of Inditex, as stakeholders who are want to put everything you can on your part so that the situation be resolved positively and beneficial way for everyone. The end goal is to improve working conditions.

From Inditex and H & M they don’t any extra official comment on the matter at this time, they are waiting to see how ends negotiation between the representatives of the workers and the employer Cambodian representatives. It is expected that in early October the Advisory Committee of the work of Cambodia has taken a decision on the new minimum wage.

Cambodian workers demanded an increase in the minimum ground current in a demonstration outside their factories on May 17, in his hour of lunch (main photo). At this time its minimum floor It is at $100 a month and want to upload it to 177 dollars. A day later the eight companies and these two letters sent to their respective recipients.

It is the first time that a company undertakes to pay higher prices in order to ensure that a vital fair salary be paid workers

The Secretary General of IndustriALL Global Union has declared:

Glad to know this very important letter in which brands claim that they are willing to pay more for clothing in order to cover the cost of a wage increase. Therefore, the owners of the factories have no excuse not to pay more to their workers. On the other hand, the Cambodian Government should significantly increase the minimum wage. With this letter in question, brands are proving that they recognize that trade unions are key to improve the rights of workers, a decent and fair wages, and market stability.

From the Trade Union of workers of the making of Cambodia (C.CAWDU), its President Ath Thorn, has highlighted the progress of the situation favorable to workers through these letters although he says “that the” brands should take additional and immediate measures in order to ensure a higher wage for workers in Cambodia”.

The employer also has seen with good eyes the measure, “since it is the first time that we know that a company undertakes to pay higher prices free on board for the products you purchase in order to ensure that a vital salary to be paid fair workers”, according to Ken Loo, Secretary General of GMAC.

As sources of the Galician company have said us the message that you want to move is to solve these issues the best way it is collective bargaining. Cambodia production represents less than 1% for Inditex.

Wages should be negotiated by the legitimate parties according to H & M and Inditex

Inditex, H & M, whose production in Cambodia is one of the highest according to IndustriALL, are welcome to support international unions and the International Labour Organization. Both companies are looking for that “wages are negotiated by legitimate parties”. The best way to establish the appropriate wage level is out of free negotiation between representatives of workers and enterprises, according to the sources consulted.

Here you can read the letter from marks to the Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia and the brands letter to the employer association GMAC.

Photo | IndustriALL

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