A Shoe Splits the World into Two Colour Parties

Hardly an Internet phenomenon attracted people more than the “dress gate debate” last February: the dress was blue black and gold-white? Now haunts a new color question mark through the net, and we focus our undivided attention the purple high heels – or are they but pink?

First it was a blue black golden white cocktail dress, now it is a pink purple high heel which raises an enormous Internet hype. The American Ava Munroe (14), alias Twitter user, posted on Twitter following shoe with the question: “Which Nail Polish color fits the shoe?”

The new Internet phenomenon: #TheShoe
Actually was just about what paint to the shoe fits. But it’s really much too easy. Instead, started the debate anew. What color are the shoes now at all? Purple? Pink? Violet? Magenta? Anything in between? Within a very short time a viral storm broke out in the network world, has thousands of Retweets and comments gathered in the post. Even online media such as “US Weekly”, “E! Online”and even the color system company PANTONE turn in the discussion of the shoe. The majority of the Internetmasse was voted on so far for the bright Fuchsia. The rest is a violet.

The power of social media
Even if the #Theshoe phenomenon on a gaping silly season suggests, demonstrates the post once more the power of social networks. Now amateur psychologists deal with the issue, which says the answer (pink or purple) on the nature of the respondents. Maybe it creates #TheShoe Yes, as already the blue black or white gold dress, even to its own Wikipedia entry. The question we’re interested in but rather: you could wear the shoes actually also to the #TheDress dress?


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