12 Examples of Eco-Fashion Can Be as Cool

Can fashion be ecological, sustainable and trendy? Yes! Our site has discovered fashion designers at the fashion fair “Greenshowroom” combine stylish and clever fair.

The demand for eco-fashion, more and more designers devoted to the theme sustainable fashion. But most consumers connecting with eco-fashion always still coarsely knitted sweater from scratch, wool and parts made of Brown Burlap, but never trendy clothes.

The labels, which presented themselves at the Greenshowroom on the occasion of the Berlin fashion week, want to refute this prejudice. Our site has been looking and clever designer ideas, how to combine excellent ethics and high fashion shows. Main topic: Upcycling, so recycling worn clothing, using fabric remnants from the textile production, or the turn of plastic waste in textile fibres. But see for yourself:

1. eco-fashion without eco-look

That eco-fashion must not necessarily look for Granola eaters, proves the designer Johanna Riplinger, who has German and American roots and lives in Paris. Riplingers fashion is colorful and visually hardly differs from normal prêt-à porter. For their colorful designs, let the color richness of India inspired by, for the dyeing of silk, linen and cotton – everything from organic farming – she used ancient dyeing with natural color donors such as seeds, flowers, and roots. It avoids the unnecessary use of toxic and polluting chemicals used in conventional textile finishing

2. fashion from Cork

This jacket looks like made out of leather, but consists of Cork. For layers of Cork are glued with a biological adhesive to a thin layer. The material is still breathable and naturally robust much softer and especially easier than genuine leather. Thought that the Hamburg eco-label bleedhas become. This avoids the use of toxic chemicals that can otherwise be used for leather production. Also, as the stocks of endangered forests of Cork are saved. Because Cork is not only a renewable resource, but the bark of the Cork oak, protects the soil from erosion and increases the absorption of rainwater. In addition, it binds the greenhouse gas CO2, what is even more enhanced by a peeling off the bark at intervals of nine years

3. mode of hemp

The Finnish label RCM clothing used primarily for its collections materials made of hemp or hemp mixtures. First of all: No, you can build a joint itself. The advantage of hemp fibres: Hemp is much undemanding than cotton, such as water consumption in cultivation reduced, also on toxic pesticides can be omitted when the cultivation of hemp. In contrast to the cotton cultivation, where so much pesticides are used, that are harmful to humans and the environment. Thus are hemp fabrics good for allergy sufferers. Scratchy against the skin? On the contrary: hemp is softer than cotton. Clothing made from hemp is especially great in the summer, because it absorbs moisture extremely well and the fibre has antibacterial properties (key word: sweat!)

4. bags and shoes made of fish skin

This fish doesn’t stink, but looks especially great. Sandra Schittkowski used some salmon leather of the label nine to five for their bags and shoes. The skin of game fish from organic salmon farms, which in fish production as waste left stay, will be costly and environmentally processed, are also more robust than regular leather. Other items in the collection consist of rhubarb root or wood extracts of the chestnut tree calf leather that but not is tanned with chromium salts extremely toxic, allergenic, but with extracts. This is not only fully organic, but makes much softer and more durable the leather

5. underwear from plastic waste

This Bux was once a PET bottle. Anyway, some of the material consists of recycled plastic waste, which will be spun to fine polyester threads. The rest of the underpants of the Swiss label wonderlands consists of recycled cotton. Who wears those underwear, in which big grows: because the packaging material of the panties consists of cellulose and Arugula seeds, just put in the Earth and harvest. In addition, parts of the sale proceeds to worldwide development projects go, every consumer can choose when buying itself, which project he supports

6 fashion from plastic scrap

Also the label Jan ‘n June used in the pieces of its collection materials that come from recycled plastic waste in the oceans. This is melted, spun to synthetic fibres and mixed with other materials. In addition, use the two label founders Anna Bronowski and Juliana “Jula” Holtzheimer materials from micro modal fibers produced from beech wood waste and the production of which is CO2-neutral. This, as well as all production stages of every single Jan ‘n June part is transparent and comprehensible for every consumer

7. these glasses was a computer

That’s a real glasses. Because the frame of the sunglasses model “Trento” of eco-glasses labels Antonio Verde is partially made of recycled Apple computers. Only the brackets are made of bamboo wood

8 jewellery from mercury-free gold

The jewellery of the label Amalena adheres to no bitter aftertaste. Because here comes only ethically liners gold from Colombia to use, which is won not with the use of toxic mercury and cyanide, but were of course washed out. The necklaces, rings and bracelets are manufactured by women in the region. Cute: On the Amalena website can you the pieces not only directly reading (a chain costs from 600 euros), introduces all goldsmith with a small fact sheet

9 correct business

The Swiss label Carpasus wants to deliver the perfect men’s shirt and emphasizes love for detail. Made from organic cotton, the collar sticks made of Galalith (plastic, which is derived from milk) and with buttons made of natural stone nut. In addition to classic cut and high quality is the correct shirt (140 euros) mainly for fair working conditions: each shirt bears a code in the sewn wash label. Exactly who is who are these on the Carpasus Web site, and where the unit has produced and was the production chain, from cultivation to the end trader becomes transparent. Good thing!

10. the other T-Shirt made in Bangladesh

What consequences can have the world textile consumption and the production, witnessed the whole world in April 2013 with the collapse of the textile factory Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. More than 1130 people died in the rubble, hundreds seamstresses of factory lost a hand, an arm, a leg, never again can work, have been deprived of their existence. The Berlin eco-label Aluc is committed to the project Oporajeo. People who survived the disaster by Rana Plaza work there. The “Invincible”-Upcycling-T-shirt by Aluc is produced by these people and remnants of the local textile production. Made in Bangladesh can work so well fair. But: The production of the T-Shirts is crowdsupported, that is to say the production only after reaching a total of order of 1000 pieces takes place. The first 100 T-Shirts are also sold at a special price of 19 euros, the next 200 supporters can acquire it for 24 euros, after it is offered at the regular price of 29 euros. The consumer decides so. Especially large customers such as Promoagenturen or for concert T-shirt are called upon to support

11. the pledge jeans

The Label Mud Jeans also offers a jeans pants deposit system pants not only from organic denim, which are fair, but in addition to a free jeans repair service. Means: who sent back his old Mud Jeans, gets credited 10 euros for the next purchase. This jeans trash but not simply thrown away, but so prepared, that from this cozy sweater arise. These jeans are guaranteed no more tweaks

12 a shoe from maize

Who wants to give up leather shoes from bad conscience, must rely on vegan leather. Previous issue: vegan leather is a petroleum product and thus not just environmentally friendly. The models of the shoe labels free exist in addition to the problematic plastic leather 40 percent from corn starch, and thus from renewable raw materials. Organic bamboo in the liner also provides a great foot climate. So far, there’s only a classic Lady model (240 euro, a men’s shoe comes in this year), which is made by a shoemaker’s shop in Pirmasens (Rheinland-Pfalz) handmade



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